We Can't Wait to Meet you and your family!

Thanks for stopping by our website.  Loma Rica Baptist Church, or LRBC, is located in the foothills of Yuba County, in California. our Pastor, Dave Peterson, has been with us since October of 2004.

Pastor Dave preaches expository messages, verse by verse, through books of the Bible.  So far, he has preached through Habakkuk, Malachi, Matthew, Mark, Acts, Romans, Philemon, Hebrews, 1 Peter and part of the Psalms.  While we are a part of the Southern Baptist Convention of churches, as Pastor Dave is fond of saying, “This isn’t your grandfather’s Southern Baptist Church.”   We’d love to have you stop by for a visit.  If you have any questions about us or what we believe, please give Pastor Dave a call.

What is Family-Integrated Church?

Family Integrated Churches (FIC) come in all shapes, sized and varieties.  There are FICs in almost every denominational and theological tradition.  They also exist in almost every part of the country.  While no two FICs are exactly alike, they do have certain distinctives in common.
Simply put we don't segregate people in the church by age.  When you walk into our church, you would see adults, babies, toddlers, teen-agers and pre-teens all worshiping and learning together.   We have grown accustomed to the presence of children in the service and the children grow accustomed to being a part of the worship experience with the entire church and their family.  

We are not against youth ministry, or having a Men's or Women's ministry.  In fact, we are FOR those ministries.  But we do feel that when the church comes together to worship as the Body of Christ, we do not want to divide the family up.  Instead we want to keep the family together.  While we currently do not have any of the above mentioned ministries, we are working on getting some of them started, and if a person felt called of God to minister in those areas we would encourage them to contact Pastor Dave.

Not really.  It just seems to new to many people because they have not experienced it before.  At one time, this was the normative experience for the gathering of the church.  In fact, when the idea of Sunday School was first presented to many Baptist churches, they were against the idea.  They felt it was the parents responsibility to disciple the children, and in particular, the Father's responsibility.  They were concerned that if the church did this, that soon discipleship in the home would fade away.  As history has shown, this has proven to be true for many, if not most Christian families.
Not as difficult as you might think.  Children, even if they are very young and are coloring or drawing are absorbing much more than we often realize.  We also encourage the parents to take notes during the message, and then follow up at home, questioning and talking to their children about the sermon, videos, or songs that were a part of the worship service.  This helps with the family in disciplining their children.

We also understand that sometimes small children need to be separated due to needing to have a diaper changed, or they may just be having a bad day.  Also, some that are new to going to a FIC may not be comfortable at first having their children in with them for the entire service.  For these reasons, we do provide nursery/child care for any child under the age of five.

If you would have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Pastor Dave.